9:30 PM EST
Bonnie & Nicte

Meaningful Relationships Meditation

Deeper, More Joyful Relationships

Achieve greater awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and habits. As a natural result of meditation, you will improve your emotional intelligence and gain greater insight into your habits and tendencies enabling you to regulate your moods and change your life.

Without awareness, we allow patterns to continue, repeating over and over again, making the same mistakes and disrupting our relationships. As soon as we see the patterns, we can begin the work of freeing ourselves from them. Meditation improves relationships in many ways, by regulating moods, increasing empathy, compassion, and, most powerfully, love and acceptance. Who wouldn't want to have awesome relationships?

Consistent and regular meditation practice improves relationships, according to the research. Any relationship, your family and friends, colleagues, boss, maybe even that guy you buy your morning coffee from on your way to work.

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Self Awareness

Gain the power of seeing yourself objectively


Develop deep relationships objectively

Improve Emotional Intelligence

Practice observing how you feel, paying attention to how you behave

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Bonnie, a meditator for 11 years, started when a life changing event left her with stress and grief. Through this meditation she has found personal happiness that has exceeded all her expectations.


Nicte has been meditating for over 7 years. Now she guides and hosts for OME. Nicte calls this meditation a life-giving practice. Enabling her to overcome life’s struggles and insecurities and find lasting happiness.

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