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Meditation for Stress Relief

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Happiness Meditation Frees You from Stress for a Healthy Mind and Body

Connect to the place within you, to find relief and release from stress and worry. Our live, guided meditation for stress relief will free you from stress and relieve anxiety for happiness and a healthy mind and body.

Stress takes on many forms, especially when a day feels particularly challenging. Though we can’t change the circumstances, we can learn to recognize what we hold in our minds and learn how to drop the preoccupying storylines. We learn to reframe stressful situations for positive outcomes.

In Meditation for Stress Relief, you’ll learn how to find the roots of stress and eliminate them for good. Recenter yourself when you feel stressed or overwhelmed. Release work stress for greater clarity and focus at work and at home.

Come out of the class equipped with a powerful stress management tool to manage your thoughts and emotions.. Enhance self-awareness, improve overall health, lengthen attention span, and feel amazingly positive about life. Get rid of stress and anxiety with this relaxing guided meditation.

10:30 AM EDT
Bonnie & Lindsey
10:00 PM EDT
Bonnie & Lindsey


Release Work Stress

Gently let go of the day's thoughts, leaving work at work (even when working at home).

Refresh Your Mind

Understand the source of stress and find relief around underlying triggers.

Reconnect With Purpose

Renew your optimism and energy to bring positivity to all you do.

Hear From Real Meditators

Rated 5 out of 5
November 14, 2020

It was awesome!

Rated 4 out of 5
November 14, 2020

It was really fun

Rated 5 out of 5
November 2, 2020

I feel airy and light -headed after the meditation – I really want to go to the local center when it’s reopen

Rated 4 out of 5
October 25, 2020

It is wonderful to listen to your voice Maria. It has this capacity to calm me downn

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Lindsey started her meditation journey with the goal to become truly happy and peaceful. Now, as a meditation guide for over 12 years, she strives to help others do the same.


Bonnie, a meditator for 10 years started after a life changing event left her with stress and grief. Through this meditation she has found personal happiness that has exceeded all her expectations.