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Online Meditation Events partners with organizations that are looking to support the mental and emotional well-being of their staff and clientele. We have guided meditation sessions for corporate offices, schools, medical facilities, private organizations and government agencies, and the list continues to grow.
If you are interested in discussing what a partnership with Online Meditation Events can look like for your organization, please contact us.

St. John's University Meditation Workshop

"I've tried different types of meditation, but this one is different!” These were the enthusiastic words of those attending the Meditation Workshop at St. John’s University, October 14, 2020. Those in attendance were the faculty, staff, and students.

They learned to meditate using the unique method of discarding or “Letting Go” of the mind. The workshop included a conversation about the human mind, how it works, and the health benefits of discarding the accumulated thoughts and attachments of our life.

A St. John’s University professor experienced this meditation practice firsthand, realizing the benefits for opening up the mind to positivity, creativity, and infinite possibilities.

St. John’s University is a private, Catholic university in Jamaica, NY.
Oct.14 , 2020 | Workshop

AARP Texas Partners with Online Meditation Events

AARP is a generous sponsor of Online Meditation Events because they recognize the benefits of meditation. Benefits such as reducing age related memory loss, lengthening lifespan, and promoting emotional health.

We are very grateful to work with AARP to promote health and wellness benefits of meditation to the 50+ audience around the country.

We know that stress can pop up at any age. Now we have a method to eliminate it for good. Partnering with AARP allowed us to share the benefits of meditation methods to their members for improved quality of life at any age.

The American Association of Retired People (AARP), is the nation's largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering Americans 50 and older.
Oct.14 , 2020 | Workshop

Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support Partners with Main Line Meditation

“The method really took it away!” That was the reaction of the virtual day campers at the Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support. The virtual day camp, which took place July 2020, had 20 participants ranging in ages from 5-20 years old.

This engaging and interactive meditation class included breathing techniques, visual demonstrations, and guided meditation practice. They practiced the method of “letting go”, releasing mental blockages such as stress and suppressed emotions.

The campers said they wanted to throw away and let go of anger and pent up emotions created by the COVID-19 pandemic that started in March of 2020. We are grateful to The Kinney Center for Autism Education and Support for allowing us to share the meditation method with their students.
July 7, 2020 | Workshop

Flushing Meditation Workshop Given to the Yelp Elite Squad

“I learned a ton... like how many thoughts we have every day and how many of those are negative and repetitive. Yikes!... cannot wait to become more clear-headed and aligned with the universe!” writes Lindsey J. on Yelp for Flushing Meditation.

Jando Shum, Queen’s Yelp Community Director, reached out to Flushing Meditation to give a workshop to the Yelp Elite Squad. The Yelp Elite Squad is a program for those yelpers who are active members in the business community. They provide honest and trusted reviews and photos for local businesses.

The workshop was open to a national audience of Yelp Elite members who showed interest in meditation. This one hour session gave those who attended an amazing experience using the unique method of discarding the mind and “Letting go”.

“...the entire practice of throwing away images into a burning fire and letting go, really does just help you reset for not just the day but the entire week ahead and puts you onto a much healthier path.” writes Ingred S. of Brooklyn, NY.
June 26, 2020 | Workshop

NYU MBA Student Meditation Program Partners with Brooklyn Meditation

“Our challenge was to focus on the stress that these students face while they were in the program.” according to the Brooklyn Meditation guide, CJ.

An NYU MBA student government representative reached out to Brooklyn Meditation for guided meditation workshops. She wanted to help her fellow students use meditation as a way to help manage the stress of the demands of an MBA program. These students were also dealing with the stress of being working adults and parents.

Brooklyn Meditation guided an intense meditation workshop virtually to teach MBA students how to apply meditation to their daily life to reduce stress, increase productivity, and find clarity as they move ahead in life.
June 14, 2020 | Workshop

Brooklyn Borough Hosts Health and Wellness Meditation Event

“When we meditate, when we allow police officers to start their tour with meditation, when we allow meditation in our schools, when we really incorporate this different thought process in our lives… we will start the process of healing from the inside out.” said Eric Adams, Brooklyn Borough President, at the Meditation for Healing and Change Workshop.

Adams, a long time mediator and an advocate for mental and emotional health in the workplace, partnered with Brooklyn Meditation to offer a workshop called Meditation for Healing and Change.

The meditation workshop took place June 2020, with 200 people joining the online event from all over the world.

The daily practice of meditation is a life changing practice. Through our simple method, the guides walk you step by step from stress and anxiety, to peace, calmness, and clarity. View the Video
June 13, 2020 | Partnership | 200+ Attendees

Guided Meditation Event for First Responders and Veterans at Coney Island

“I meditate every day, twice a day. It’s a powerful tool to really deal with some of the emotional trauma you deal with throughout the day.” says Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams.

Adams partnered with Brooklyn Meditation to guide a meditation event for COVID-19 essential workers, first responders, and veterans at Coney Island Beach, May 25, 2020.

This free workshop for essential workers was the kick off for Online Meditation Events (OME) to offer free online guided meditation daily for essential workers to combat the psychological toll of fighting COVID-19 pandemic related work.

OME continually offers free guided meditation online seven days a week at various times. Virtual guided meditation will also help you find restful sleep, eliminate stress, and even learn how to meditate. View the Video
May 25, 2020 | Partnership

Shutterstock Meditation Event Helps Executives Manage Stress of the Unknown

Shutterstock executives experienced the unique method of meditation to “Let Go''. They discarded the fear of the unknown. Fear is stress and stems from our minds.

A director of Shutterstock requested guided meditation sessions for their executives around the world to help manage the fear and stress brought about by the pandemic quarantine in April 2020. 25 executives participated online.

Shutterstock is a provider of stock photography, footage, and music to the public on behalf of photographers and artists around the world. Palisades Park Meditation partnered with Shutterstock to offer a 45 minute guided meditation workshop to their executives around the world.
April 3, 2020 | Partnership

The Merion Cricket Club’s Health & The Graham Company Meditation Workshop

An ‘Employee Health Day’ Meditation Workshop was given for the participants of the Graham Company and Merion Cricket Club Health, October 2019.

The focus and theme for the participants was about improving health and wellbeing, both physical and mental. Eliminating stress for improved physical health is important for the whole being to thrive.

The participants learned the basic principles of meditation and how the mind works, the benefits of meditation, and then practiced the meditation method of “Letting Go.”
December 12, 2019 | Workshop | 150+ Attendees

Mainline Meditation Partnered with Charge Nutrition to Deliver Meditation Workshops to First Trust Bank & My Alarm Center

“I was able to see myself more clearly, feel relaxed and peaceful.” said a participant at a meditation workshop. Online Meditation Events & Mainline Meditation both partnered with Charge Nutrition to provide short interactive workshops. These workshops were held at First Trust Bank and at My Alarm Center in PA.

The 20 minute interactive "break-out" sessions included a presentation on the benefits of meditation for stress reduction. The presentation topics included an understanding of how the mind works, how humans accumulate stress, and how to eliminate distracting thoughts.

The highlight of the workshop for the participants was actually being guided through the technique of the meditation. The guide used the disappearing box to help participants get rid of distracting thoughts.

The feedback from one of the participants was quoted as saying, “It’s nice to let some things go that were in my mind.” There were over 150 attendees at both the workshop events held in September and December 2019.
Sept 12, 2019 | Workshop | 150+ Attendees

BP Eric Adams Press conference calling NYPD to include meditation in wellness programs

In wake of recent NYPD suicides, BP Eric Adams joins patrolmen’s benevolent association, wellness experts, and advocates to call on the city to implement meditation and mindfulness training for all police officers. View the Video
July 12, 2019 | Partnership