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Success Meditation

Set and Achieve your Goals

Although success looks different for everyone, the tools for achieving it are the same.

Why is it so hard for people to make positive, lasting changes in our lives? It's because we're trying to change the outer world, without changing our inner world. Our minds tend to repeat the same thoughts and behavior patterns of the past. When we refresh our minds and break free of those patterns, we find that we have the wisdom and ability to make the necessary changes to succeed.

We will show you how to refresh your mind and clear out the clutter and roadblocks that prevent you from achieving your goals. The things that have been blocking you will become visible, and you will learn a simple meditation method to remove them. You can start anew, with a positive and unstoppable mindset.

Often our goals remain in our minds as a wish or an idea and never grow to fruition. This class will give you the clarity and confidence to put your plan into action. Come join us and build your best life, right now!

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Clear the mind and gain the wisdom and focus needed to take action


Remove negative thoughts that block your motivation


Move into action, with a realistic, effective plan and watch your goals come to fruition

Hear From Real Meditators

Before meditation, my mind always felt as if I was driving on a cluttered and clogged freeway. After meditation, whatever I do, I feel like I am driving on a pretty and open freeway. Working as a private physician managing my own business, being a mom of 2 little ones, actively involved in 3 major community organizations, volunteer teaching dance to kids, I wear a lot of hats. It’s easy to be distracted or carry grievances from one part of my life to the other. I cannot tell you how much this meditation method was effective in helping me clear my mind clutter effectively and live in the moment. The more I am able to clear, the deeper my experience is which ever hat I am wearing. This is because I’m able to give my 100% to what I am doing at that moment. My patients especially started saying to me that they feel that I really listen and understand them. Which ever profession you are in and even if you are not working, I highly recommend this meditation to improve focus and fulfillment in anything you do.

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Maribel embarked on her meditation journey with the transformative Mind Cleansing Meditation Method at the age of 21. Now, she takes on the role of a compassionate guide, hosting Success Meditation sessions to help others navigate their own transformative paths.

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