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Inspirational Meditation

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Readings to Get Inspired, Motivated, and Fulfilled in Life

Awaken and uplift your mind with readings for your daily dose of inspiration, motivation, and fulfillment in life. Our Inspirational Meditation session starts with a discussion on words of wisdom from great poets, philosophers, writers, scriptures, sages, saints, scientists, and even song writers.

Bring your morning tea or coffee and share your favorite writings, experiences, questions, or enlightenments with the group. Or sit back, listen, and enjoy as we find words to connect with the wisdom of the universe and shed light on our day.

After the readings and discussion, we will explain our meditation method and completely relax with a short guided meditation. Lighten your mind and let all that inspiration and wisdom soak in.

Leave the conversation with renewed optimism and a broader perspective, as part our Inspirational Meditation family. It’s a great way to start your day!

Tue, Thu
10:30 AM EDT
CJ & Neal & Floritza


Uplift Your Mind

Enjoy inspiring, timeless wisdom for encouragement on your journey.

Connect With Others

Share and hear from others, knowing that you are not alone.

Empower Your Day

Start the morning with a positive mind, guided by inner calm and confidence.

Hear From Real Meditators

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CJ started meditating in 2004. She found it was the best way to release stress and anxiety. Excited by this, she decided to help others. For the past 10 years she has been a meditation instructor in Brooklyn, NY.


Neal has been meditating for 8 years. He is a recently retired laboratory manager, now dedicated to spreading peace and happiness through meditation. He enjoys sharing his rap songs, poetry, and essays with us.


Flori, born in Honduras, came to Raleigh, NC at age 13. She is so grateful for her meditation practice of 8 years. With a warm and caring heart, she is excited to share her love of yoga and meditation.

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