Meditation Workshops

Online Meditation Events and its world-wide community of local meditation centers has provided workshops to schools, businesses, and government agencies for many years. We will design a comprehensive meditation program that will address the needs and goals of your company and employees.

Benefits of Meditation

Increased Focus and Concentration
When distractions are eliminated, the mind is clear, thus enhancing work quality and efficiency.
Boosted Energy and Vitality
You will gain more energy and vitality to do your best work when you get rid of the mind clutters.
Embrace Change
Free yourself from attachment to old ways and welcome new opportunities and challenges
Improved Communication Skills
By setting aside your own opinions, you can truly listen to others and in turn you will be heard by them.
Stress Relief
Eliminate the fundamental root causes of your stress and pain, then your mind will always be at peace.
Natural Leadership
By expanding your consciousness, you will be able to accept others and treat them with generosity.
Interpersonal Relationships
Foster harmony and teamwork in workplace, a positive workplace is the foundation to making great results.
Company Performance Optimization
When leadership and followership are in harmony, company exceeds in whatever it does.
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What to Expect

Welcome and Introduction
Greetings and gratitude sharing
Ice Breaker and Releasing Exercise
Laughing meditation and gentle stretching
Presentation of the Meditation Method
Understand the mind and learn how to eliminate the false mind
Guided Meditation
Step by step guided meditation
Q&A and Reflections
Step by step guided meditation
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Our Partners

Each workshop is carefully planned out and adjusted to fit the needs of each organization worked with. These workshops are enormously successful that we typically return as part of a regularly scheduled program with different organizations we have worked with. 
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We're here to create a tailored workshop experience for your organization. Let's explore the possibilities together. If you'd prefer to chat with us on the phone, feel free to call or text us at (215) 932-0744.