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Find Truth Within

Are you ready for the next step?

Whether you are looking to eliminate anxiety, increase your focus, have better relationships, improve your health, or gain wisdom, the answer is within. OME Class is a virtual meditation center operating 7 days a week with valuable and fun live guided meditation classes.

Take the next step towards enlightenment and a deeper level of self awareness. Our team of experienced and caring guides will help you step-by-step with our powerful and systematic method to cleanse the mind. You will receive personalized 1:1 guidance and support so you become confident in your practice before joining our guided group classes.

Your happiness and health are our priority.



Live without stress, worries, fear, and anxiety.


Know the infinite mind of the Universe and find answers within you.


Have a joyful outlook and appreciation for everyday life

Hear From Real Meditators

Rated 5 out of 5
June 17, 2021

I am so incredibly grateful for finding this meditation. I have tried many other types of meditation, but only this program has been able to literally transform the way I think and approach all aspects of my life – in a span of just a few months! Through this class I am finding a deeper peace than I have ever known, and my anxiety is becoming a thing of the past. In addition, I could not imagine a more positive and nurturing community of teachers to help guide me through learning this meditation practice.

Mary May
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Flori, born in Honduras, came to Raleigh, NC at age 13. She is so grateful for her meditation practice of 8 years. With a warm and caring heart, she is excited to share her love of yoga and meditation.


Elizabeth has been guiding meditation classes for 4 years in Brooklyn, NY. Behind her soft, soothing voice is a powerful commitment to helping others heal and grow.


Lauren has been meditating for over 10 years. Now a guide at San Diego Meditation center, She leads multiple meditation workshops throughout the year. Her goal is to help the world live free of stress and conflict, one of peace and coexistence.


Ben has been guiding meditation for over 8 years and is currently guiding in Great Neck, NY. This meditation has given him the highest quality of life with happiness and peace of mind and he wants to spread this to as many people as possible.


Bonnie, a meditator for 10 years started after a life changing event left her with stress and grief. Through this meditation she has found personal happiness that has exceeded all her expectations.


As a professional fitness instructor, I have learned which exercise techniques work and which do not. Having meditated for more than 5 years, I have gained a unique insight into the mind-body connection.


CJ started meditating in 2004. She found it was the best way to release stress and anxiety. Excited by this, she decided to help others. For the past 10 years she has been a meditation instructor in Brooklyn, NY.


Erika has been meditating for 3 years. “Meditation has life-long benefits. I’ve been a dance enthusiast most of my life, knowing that physical and mental fitness go together. I am excited to share with others.


Evan has been an avid meditator for 12 years in Queens, NY. A professional musician, he loves to share songs, stories, and jokes that awaken a timeless joy within us all.


Lindsey started her meditation journey with the goal to become truly happy and peaceful. Now, as a meditation guide for over 12 years, she strives to help others do the same.

Boas Yu

Dr. Boas Yu is an associate director of graduate programs at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Her widely published research includes the effects of meditation on addiction, depression, anxiety, and more.


With a deep conviction to understand the deeper meanings of life, Maria has spent over 10 years meditating. She studied Human Development and Social Change, always with a passion to make the world a better place.


Neal has been meditating for 8 years. He is a recently retired laboratory manager, now dedicated to spreading peace and happiness through meditation. He enjoys sharing his rap songs, poetry, and essays with us.


Originally from Hawaii, Nicky started meditation in 2016 after moving to “the mainland” after graduation. Discovering such a simple and powerful method to unlock her own happiness she now guides at Berkeley Meditation.


Pam's meditation journey began about 5 years ago at Brooklyn Meditation center. Being profoundly touched by this practice, she has found a new passion helping to lead others through these online programs.


Emily is a meditation guide of 5 years based in San Francisco, CA. When not leading meditation classes, you’ll find her kickboxing or (occasionally) trekking the Himalayas.


Ronan has been meditating for 7 years in Las Vegas, NV. He loves cats. Enigma. Mask-enthusiast, traveling, and how meditation has helped him gain patience with his son and all the people in his life.


Sun is a meditation guide in greater Philadelphia. Meditating for 12 years and guiding for 10, she is grateful to have such a joyful life and is passionate about helping others achieve the same.


Ting has been a meditation guide for 4 years. “I feel so lucky to be able to share this meditation with kids; to witness the changes. I am truly so joyful to be able to dedicate my time and energy to this program.”


Blake has been practicing meditation for over 10 years and guides meditation in Teaneck, NJ. He is dedicated to help make the world a happier place to live. He has lectured extensively on meditation.