Growing Your Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Enhance Your Wellbeing

Monday March 25th & Thursday March 28th at 9:00 PM ET


Struggling with stress or feeling disconnected in your personal and professional life? Our workshop offers the solution - Enhance Your Emotional Intelligence. Gain insights into your own emotions and those of others, understand the influence of your feelings, and master the art of active listening and empathy. Transform your challenges into understanding and purpose, and enjoy a more connected, positive life.
  • Build stronger personal relationships 
  • Be the person everyone wants to work with 
  • Manage stress and improve your mental well-being
  • Resolve conflicts and communicate effectively

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A Workshop to Become Emotionally Empowered

Embark on an interactive journey of guided meditation. Practice thoughtful self-reflection to identify and navigate emotional blockages. Our engaging live-virtual sessions provide a sanctuary for introspection, eliminating stress, and fostering heartfelt leadership. Cultivate a robust sense of self-awareness, build resilience, and nurture empowered relationships. In this non-judgmental space, you will deepen your understanding of your inner mind and elevate your emotional intelligence. Step forward into your best self.

Meet Our Guides


Bonnie Nortz


Bonnie, a seasoned practitioner with 15 years of experience in meditation, works as a facilitator and instructor in leadership development for a federal government agency. She understands the significance of emotional intelligence as a crucial leadership trait. Bonnie attributes her growth in emotional intelligence to her meditation practice, which has helped her recognize her strengths and limitations, cultivate resilience, and nurture more profound relationships. She considers meditation an indispensable practice for enhancing emotional stability in one’s personal and professional life.


Nicte Gonzalez


Nicte has more than 9 years of meditation experience and a deep understanding of human emotions and behaviors. Drawing from her real-life experiences and passion for meditation, she has refined practical techniques to enhance self-awareness, empathy, and relationship skills. The awareness and sensitivity she has developed through meditation have transformed her personal and professional life.

Workshop Schedule

Session 1: Balancing Emotions - March 25th, 9pm ET (75 mins)

  • Learn what is Emotional Intelligence
  • Become Aware of Your Emotions
  • Journal for Self-Reflection & Awareness
  • Letting Go of Emotional Triggers and Stress

Session 2: Building Healthy Emotional Habits - March 28th, 9pm ET (75 mins)

  • Self-regulation and Emotional Management
  • Journal for Self-Compassion
  • Building Empathy and Better Relationships
  • Letting go of Emotional Baggage and Judgments


I’ve always grappled with anger issues, which tainted my relationships and plagued my professional endeavors. I was always in a state of stress and frustration. However, this meditation enabled me to conquer my anger and frustration, fostering harmony in my interactions with loved ones and strangers alike.

Kim F.

Retired Business Woman

I found myself isolated, struggling to make ends meet, and feeling utterly desperate. Through meditation, I understood my emotions and how they hindered me from leading a fulfilling life. Now, I am content, emotionally balanced, and my financial circumstances have improved.

Jeff T.

Marketing Director - TTime Investing Group

Confronting all the anger in myself, and freeing myself from the anger through meditation gave me courage and hope. I emerged a more mature person who could now pick up where I left off and this led to finding my next job.

Irma S.

IT - Software Tester

Unlock Your Emotional Intelligence Potential

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